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  • In Studio and Online, SLDP teaches everything from the fundamentals of sound, production and music theory, to the best kept secrets of mixing and mastering. Currently providing world class instruction using Ableton Live, Logic Pro and other industry standard software.

  • Step inside our custom, one of a kind music production, mixing and mastering studio. Complete with vocal booth, customizable lighting and full production setup.

  • Turntablism, controllerism and live performance. Refine your mix in our dedicated DJ laboratory, complete with three separate DJ workstations.

dj salt lake

The performance based DAW, Ableton Live, is becoming the go-to for electronic musicians, but works great for any style of producer/DJ. The user interface is amazing, and you can achieve all production tasks inside a single window.

learn logic

Although it’s not available for PC, Apple’s Logic Pro is an excellent choice for any producer. It’s great for tracking live musicians, has very flexible midi control and best of all, it’s very affordable.

learn traktor pro scratch

Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro is a world class digital vinyl system that’s used by top DJ’s across all genres of music. It’s 4-deck system is very easy to start using and mixing with, but don’t be fooled…it’s midi capabilities are endless.

learn serato scratch live lessons

Rane’s Serato digital vinyl system is as close to the real feel of classic vinyl mixing as you can get. It’s very stable and is being used by DJ’s all over the world.

native instruments komplete

Beyond it’s digital vinyl system, Traktor, Native Instrument’s has an extensive range of plugins, sample packs and synthesizers that are nothing short of studio essentials.

native instrument maschine

NI’s Maschine is a perfect blend of hardware and software. If you’re used to working with an MPC, you’ll enjoy the benefits and features of the beat production giant.

waves audio plugins

Waves produces professional plugins for recording, mixing and mastering, and are perfect for turning raw ideas into punchy, dynamic and LOUD mixes!

fab filter plugins mixing mastering

Fab Filter plugins are great for mixing and mastering, and best of all, they’re easy to learn and use.

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