Sound Design

  • 26 Sessions, approximately 6 month course. Payment plans available.


Sound Design is the heart of the Praxis section of the SLDP curriculum. Understanding how to create your own unique sounds will ultimately determine your overall sound as a producer, and is essential to differentiating yourself from other artists. Sound Design begins with an understanding of wave shape, how it determines timbre, harmonics, continues through the main types of software synthesis and ends with layering and advanced techniques. To some degree, Sound Degree should always include a period of experimentation but having an understanding will help you create interesting sounds more efficiently.


  • Sound Waves
  • Wave shape & Timbre
  • Harmonics
  • Signal Flow
  • Wavetable + Sound Source
  • Oscillator
  • Filter
  • Envelope + ADSR
  • LFO + Performer
  • FX
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • FM Synthesis
  • Additive Synthesis
  • Bass Synthesis
  • Lead Synthesis
  • Key/Pluck Synthesis
  • Pad Synthesis
  • Mono vs Poly
  • Layering

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  • Sound + The Three Domains of Audio
  • Software + Computer Mastery
  • Praxis
  • Creative Flow
  • Music Theory
  • Audio Recording
  • Mixing + Mastering
  • The Business of Music


It is recommended that students attend class with a laptop, software and a pair of headphones. Software can be purchased a student discount, ask a coordinator for assistance with student discounts.

Software is not included with any SLDP course, but may be available at a discount for SLDP students.

Up front discounts may be available. Message an SLDP coordinator to learn more.

Standard payment plans are as follows:

  • (8) Payments of $400 – total cost of $3200*
  • (7) Payments of $443 – total cost of $3100*
  • (6) Payments of $500 – total cost of $3000
  • (5) Payments of $580 – total cost of $2900
  • (4) Payments of $700 – total cost of $2800
  • (3) Payments of $900 – total cost of $2700
  • (2) Payments of $1300 – total cost of $2600

*Not all students will qualify for a payment plan. A payment plan application may be required. All payment plans are subject to credit and income verification.