As a student, you are agreeing that you have read, understand and agree to abide by our Terms of Use (as set forth on the “Terms of Use” page on this website) and by all policies set forth here in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

You do not need your own equipment to participate in any course, but in order to reap the full benefit of lessons, it is recommended that you have or eventually have equipment to practice with on your own time.

No problem! Your first visit to the studio can be a free consultation (Yes, no commitment, 100% free). It’s an opportunity to sit down with an instructor and discuss your interests, previous experience, skills, and your goals for the course, before making any payment and/or registering for a full course. If you’re ready to go, we’ll jump right in. If you decide it’s not for you, no harm done and best of luck with your music!

Yes, by registering, making a payment, and/or attending an SLDP course or session, you are accepting all terms and agreeing to abide by all terms and policies found in the SLDP Terms Of Use page.

Music production is a skill that often takes years to master. If you’re dedicated and know you’re in it for the long hall, there are discounts for those that would like to purchase an entire course. Ask us about current promotions, discounts, and payment options!

Of course! We’ll need parental permission, but everything can be arranged.

In most cases, session will be held in an SLDP studio or online classroom. Occasionally, there are situations where travel could be considered, so be sure to ask us about your specific situation.

We’re happy to answer and address any and all concerns regarding this opportunity. Feel free to get a hold of us by emailing to, or texting to 801-410-0295.


One of the greatest aspects of this course, is that we can teach the basic building blocks of music, commonly referred to as “Music Theory.” Don’t let this intimidate you, the concepts can be understood by anyone. Music theory applies to all genres of music, whether you’re producing dubstep, electro, progressive house, film, piano, hip hop and any other genre under the sun. Our instructors are versed in all genres of music, so it’s up to you to take the tools you receive and apply them wherever you’d like. If there is a specific genre you’d like to focus on, no problem! Our lessons will be specific to your particular interests, and will revolve around the production of that genre.

Because SLDP is not a licensed distributor of Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Traktor, Serato or Maschine, we cannot sell or provide the software to students. All students are required to obtain their own licensed copy of the software that pertains to their chosen course. Through our partners, SLDP students have access to student discounts on software and equipment, so make sure to ask about those discounts.


Monthly payments are made no later than 11:59 pm MST on the 1st of every month, without exception. Any payments made after this date and time are subject to a $25 late fee, if paid by the 3rd of the Month. After the 3rd of the month, the late fee rises to $50. Full monthly payments plus any late fees must be paid before sessions resume. If a student discontinues making payment and fails to communicate with SLDP, their spot in a course will become available to other students and SLDP may act to recover any amount of money owed for sessions or full courses that has not been paid.

By starting a monthly payment program, each student is entering into a legally binding agreement to pay for the entire course. Please see the “Full Programs” section of our Terms of Use Page for complete details.

After a course has begun and a student has attended the first session, no refunds will be issued. Please see our Terms Of Use page for more details on payment, scheduling and cancellations. Please be aware that by registering for a full course and by making a payment, in full or part, to SLDP, you are agreeing to the SLDP Terms Of Use.

We allow cash, check, card and electronic payments. All checks must be written out to Salt Lake DJ & Production, and must be delivered at least one business day (Monday – Friday before 5 pm.) before any payment due date or scheduled session to allow for clearing. Card payments are subject to a 3.25% processing fee. Electronic payments can be made via Venmo ( or PayPal ( Please Contact us at for more information on how to make an electronic payment.

Life can be unpredictable and on occasion, we find ourselves unable to fulfill our financial responsibilities. In these situations, SLDP is more than willing to work with you and make arrangements that suit your particular situation. If you find yourself unable to continue with a full course, it may be possible to defer to a later date, defer payment or withdraw and only be responsible for the sessions you have attended. No specific solution is guaranteed, please email to for more information. If you have a balance due, we will reach out to make arrangements for payment. After multiple attempts to contact via phone, email and social media over a period of 30 days, if we do not receive a reply, acknowledgement of the balance due, or plan of payment, all of the following may occur: reporting of delinquent account to all major credit bureaus, transfer of account to a 3rd party collection agency and legal action to recover delinquent balance. Per the SLDP Terms of Use, students that fail to make payments will also be responsible for the costs of collecting any delinquent balance. The cost of collection efforts can be upwards of $2000, and this cost will be added to your total balance due. Ignoring a balance will not make it go away, and in nearly all cases, will actually increase that balance significantly.