You do not need your own equipment to participate in any course, but in order to reap the full benefit of lessons, it is recommended that you have or eventually have equipment to practice with on your own time.

No problem – schedule a free tour and consultation, check out the studio and get all of your questions answered.

Music production is a skill that often takes years to master. If you’re dedicated and know you’re in it for the long hall, there are discounts for those that would like to purchase an entire course. Ask us about current promotions, discounts, and payment options!

We have students ranging from 8 years old up to 60+ years old. Students younger than 18 can attend with a parents written permission.

In most cases, session will be held in an SLDP studio or online classroom. Occasionally, there are situations where travel could be considered, so be sure to ask us about your specific situation.

We do! SLDP has had the honor of hosting artists such as Mr. Bill, Kompany, Ahee, Antiserum and more!

In over a decade, we’ve had such a wide range of students that it would be hard make a list of anything typical. 8 years old up to 60 years old Brand new, and 10+ years of experience. Everyone loves music, and lot of people want to learn to produce and perform music.

SLDP students can access student discounts ranging from 25 50% on hardware and software, and we work with our educational partners to achieve this. Ableton, Sweetwater, Guitar Center Pro, Performance Audio and more!

Sure! On the homepage, there is a collection reviews, as well as on the SLDP Google Page and SLDP Facebook page!

We’re happy to answer and address any and all concerns regarding this opportunity. Feel free get a hold of us by emailing to, or texting to 801-410-0295.


At SLDP we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive courses in Music Production, DJing, and Music Business. Music Production covers everything from the fundamentals of sound, music theory and basic production, to sound design, mixing and mastering. By offering this holistic learning experience, SLDP equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge to conquer the music industry, whether you’re an aspiring producer, a budding DJ, or an entrepreneur ready to navigate the music business landscape. Our passion lies in empowering our students to break through boundaries and achieve unparalleled success in their musical endeavors.

All of SLDP’s core courses are 6 months long, and combine weekly in-studio education, workshops, in-studio practice time (free of charge for students), online Discord channels and regular student practice outside of class.

For production courses, students are required to have a computer (laptop preferred), headphones, software and sound source (Splice recommended). For DJ courses – headphones, computer (for preparing music) and a thumb drive are required. The majority of DJ students will use their student discount to purchase a controller that they can use to practice at home, and then learn on the industry standard Pioneer equipment at SLDP.

Between the Wasatch, Kings Peak and Alta Rooms, SLDP has a range of industry standard equipment for producing and performing music. Students have access to this equipment, but it’s also recommended to have the basic requirements at home to practice on your own.

SLDP is happy to provide certificates of completion upon request. Our students are looking to build a fanbase, following and career producing and performing music. They’re entrepreneurs, and their own boss. For this reason, there are no qualifications, degrees or certifications needed. Your resume is the music you make and the way you perform!

No experience necessary! We have both courses that are designed for those brand new to DJing and Music Production, and courses designed for those with experience.

Music Production and DJ classes range from 3 – 5 students, and the majority of sessions contain 1 – 3 instructors. This student to instructor ratio is unheard of at the majority of colleges and competing schools.

You can start by submitting a free application at A coordinator will reach out to and setup studio tour! SLDP has a certain number of time slots throughout the week available for Music Production and DJ classes. When a current class finishes, we take current applications and start new classes. Classes start based on availability, so we often see classes starting monthly / bi-monthly. Ask an SLDP coordinator for the next open seats!

SLDP courses are built on specific curriculum with a specific set of learning outcomes, but it is not 100% rigid. For example certain classes might have interest in learning specifically how to recording and process vocals, while some may not. We can take note of specific requests, and make sure to schedule workshops covering specific topics.

SLDP classes progress and move together no student left behind. If additional help is needed, it’s no problem to schedule that before, after or outside of class time.

Discord allows US to maintain communication with students well beyond the day they complete a course!

Our instructors have a combined century of experience in the topics we teach!