430 E South Temple C | SLC, UT 84111
In order to use the studio, students must complete the following:
1. Fill out the Acceptance of Liability & Assumption of Risk Waiver found below.
2. Submit a copy of your drivers license or other government issued ID to info@sldp.com.
3. After steps 1 and 2 are complete, you can book studio time here.
Acceptance of Liability & Assumption of Risk Waiver: Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this release and adherence to the established SLDP Rules & Regulations are conditions of the studio use approval. This approval may be revoked for non-compliance at any time, as may be required.

I do hereby acknowledge and accept that I have voluntarily applied to participate and utilize the SLDP studio facilities, located at 430 E. South Temple, Suite C, Salt Lake City, UT 84111. I fully understand and acknowledge that the use of the SLDP facilities without direct instructor accompaniment involves risk of injury to me, my personal equipment, SLDP owned equipment, and any individual accompanying me. It is my understanding that usage of the studio may be self-directed and shall not be directly supervised by an agent or employee of the SLDP. Additionally, I fully assume any and all risks associated with the usage of the SLDP studio facilities, including and equipment, in an unsupervised and self-directed manner.

By signing this release, I hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless Salt Lake DJ & Production, its agents, officers, and employees and assigns from and against all loss, cost, damages, expense and liability resulting from my use of the SLDP facilities, including death, sickness, injury, destruction to property, real or personal, arising directly from my use of the SLDP facilities. I do hereby acknowledge that I have carefully read this acceptance of liability & assumption of risk waiver, and fully understand, agree with, and accept the terms and conditions that have been outlined above. Further, I acknowledge that I have been made fully aware of the rules and regulations for use and agree to abide by these rules as set forth.

I accept and acknowledge personal responsibility and liability for any damage caused to my personal equipment, equipment owned by SLDP, including furniture, computers, midi controllers, audio interfaces, bathroom facilities, as a result of willful or accidental negligence. I agree to immediately reimburse Salt Lake DJ & Production for any damage caused to equipment or facilities while in my care. I accept that while using the SLDP facilities unsupervised, I am responsible for the people that enter, exit and use the facilities. I understand that SLDP studio use is reserved solely for persons currently enrolled at SLDP. I understand and accept that any request for a person not enrolled at SLDP to use the facilities, or be present while I use the facilities, must be presented to and approved by SLDP before that person is allowed to enter and participate in facility use, and that they must also read and agree to the terms found in this waiver. I agree and accept that if I see any suspicious or unwarranted activity by another SLDP student or any person inside the facility, I will contact an SLDP agent or instructor immediately.

I do hereby waive any and all rights that I may have to institute legal proceedings or remedy to recover costs of any kind that may result from damage to my equipment or injury to my person while inside the SLDP studio. I have carefully read this release of liability, and fully understand, agree with, and accept its terms and conditions as outlined. I hereby do certify that I am over the age of 18 years, sober and of sound mind. I have been made aware of the rules and regulations for use of the SLDP facilities and equipment and agree to abide by these rules as listed. I also understand that SLDP may review, change or add to these rules at any time, and that I will be notified of these changes via email.