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NI Maschine Course

Many producers across the world have turned to Native Instruments Maschine for their beat production needs, because it combines the best of the hardware and software world. The sophisticated controller allows you to sample audio files, browse files, play, record and perform beats, and the software allows you to edit and mix your productions in a self contained production environment. Artists and producers that are familiar with the MPC workflow will love the feel and capabilities of Maschine, and will appreciate the easy of sampling, automation and added control with the software. Our Maschine course is designed to familiarize you with every control and function of the hardware controller, and teach you how to develop a groove, record your sounds and mix the final product within the software. Even better, Maschine can be used standalone or as a VST/AU plugin inside your preferred DAW, for even greater control and a world of possibilities.


At SLDP, our #1 priority with every student and every course, is 100% student satisfaction. Each course has a specific and detailed outline, and an estimated time of completion, but we realize that students may wish to spend more time, or less time on any given subject. The course outline serves as a road map to success, but our instructors are more than happy to take a few detours along the way. At any point during the process, we’re willing to put in extra hours apart from scheduled session time to help a student falling behind or struggling with a specific topic. Additionally, once you come in to SLDP, you’re part of the family, and we’re more than happy to continue giving advice and answering questions, even after your course(s) have ended. Just email us or schedule a time to stop by!

Note: All course prices include ONLY in studio, instructor directed session time. SLDP courses do not include any supplies or equipment needed to study and practice on your own time, including, but not limited to, computers, keyboards, production equipment, DJing equipment, software, hardware, paper, pens, etc. Students are required to provide these items for themselves.

COURSE LENGTH – (26) Sessions

Course will last 6 months if the student attends one session per week, 13 weeks if the students attends 2 sessions per week, and so on.

PRICE – $1499


  • Stage 1 – Welcome to Maschine/Making a Beat
  • Stage 2 – Sampling/Effects
  • Stage 3 – Advanced Beat Construction & Performance

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