Audio Engineering

  • 26 Sessions, approximately 6 month course. Payment plans available.


Audio engineering is the process of producing a recording, reinforcing recorded material using tools like EQ, Compression and other Audio Effects and balancing sound sources – all towards the final goal of creating a single audio track to sell, stream and license. Audio engineers work on the technical aspect of recording – the placing of microphones, pre-amp settings and the setting of levels. Our Audio Engineering course takes students through that exact process, starting at sound, traveling through microphones, preamps, other tools, recording, mixing and finishing with mastering.


  • Acoustic, Analog and Digital Audio
  • Range of Human Hearing
  • Sample Rate + Best Practices
  • A/D Conversion
  • File Types, Compression
  • Microphones
  • Microphone Types - Condensor, Dynamic & Ribbon
  • Microphone Patterns
  • Choosing a Microphone
  • Microphone placement
  • Choosing a Pre-amp
  • Cables
  • Signal Flow
  • Preparation and Recording
  • Best Practices
  • The Recording Console
  • Pro Tools
  • Editing Recorded Audio
  • Autotune
  • Audio Effects
  • 3 Core Audio Processor Types - Dynamic, Time Based and Filter
  • Compression
  • EQ
  • Gain Staging
  • Mixing Workflow
  • Mastering
  • Preparing the Studio
  • Meeting with Clients
  • Running a Studio Session
  • Creating an atmosphere
  • Business Basics

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  • Sound + The Three Domains of Audio
  • Software + Computer Mastery
  • Praxis
  • Creative Flow
  • Music Theory
  • Audio Recording
  • Mixing + Mastering
  • The Business of Music


While students are not required to bring their own equipment to class, it is recommended that students own a laptop, software, microphone and pair of headphones. SLDP partners with a handful of companies, and discounts/packages for equipment and software my be available. Please ask an SLDP coordinator for what’s available!

Software is not included with the price of any SLDP course.

Up front discounts may be available. Message an SLDP coordinator to learn more.

Standard payment plans are as follows:

  • (8) Payments of $400 – total cost of $3200*
  • (7) Payments of $443 – total cost of $3100*
  • (6) Payments of $500 – total cost of $3000
  • (5) Payments of $580 – total cost of $2900
  • (4) Payments of $700 – total cost of $2800
  • (3) Payments of $900 – total cost of $2700
  • (2) Payments of $1300 – total cost of $2600

*Not all students will qualify for a payment plan. A payment plan application may be required. All payment plans are subject to credit and income verification.