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Ableton Production

Ableton Live 9 is one of the best production & performance based DAWs available on the market today. With Live, you can easily browse for new sounds, instantly capture your performance, record automation directly into clips, enhance your sound with improved studio effects, and then take your performance straight to the stage. One way that Ableton Live software has an advantage over other DAWs is its extremely fluid GUI that allows you to do all your work within a single window. Our online Music Production with Ableton Course will help you become comfortable and proficient with the software, and use that knowledge, combined with knowledge of the fundamentals of music, intro to advanced production techniques, mixing and mastering, to turn your musical ideas into tracks that are punchy, dynamic and ready to share with the world.



  • Always LIVE ONLINE instructors, no prerecorded videos. It’s just like sitting in our studio, from the comfort of your own home.
  • The most comprehensive, highest rated online course available today – learn everything you need to know about Ableton & Music Production.
  • All session video & audio is recorded, and available for student review outside of class time.
  • Comprehension Guaranteed – our instructors will put in time outside of sessions or past the end of a course to make sure you understand the material.
  • 30-Day Guarantee – If you’re not satisfied, you pay for only a single month of sessions.

COURSE LENGTH – (26) Sessions

Students meet with a LIVE instructor in an online classroom, once a week for 6 months. Instructors are available 24/7 via email for questions, follow up, individual Skype meetings and more.

PRICE – $2499 (monthly payment plans available)

Payment Plans Available – CLICK HERE TO SEE DETAILS


OPTION 1 – (12) Payments of $250
OPTION 2 – (10) Payments of $287
OPTION 3 – (8) Payments of $343
OPTION 4 – (6) Payments of $437
OPTION 5 – (4) Payments of $625

Total balance can be paid off early to avoid additional cost. Contact us if you have a special request for payment plan.


  • Stage 1 – Sound
  • Stage 2 – Ableton Live
  • Stage 3 – Music Production
  • Stage 4 – Music Theory
  • Stage 5 – Mixing
  • Stage 6 – Mastering
  • Stage 7 – Artist Development

Note: With the exception of the Music Production with Ableton Live Online Course, all online and in studio course prices include only instructor directed session time. Most SLDP courses do not include any supplies or equipment needed to study and practice on your own time, including, but not limited to, computers, keyboards, production equipment, DJing equipment, software, hardware, paper, pens, etc. In most cases, students are required to provide these items for themselves. If you have any questions regarding supplies, and/or what is included with your particular course, please contact SLDP via email at info@saltlakedp.com before enrolling.

Terms of Use

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